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Travel Posters

I started my passion for illustration whilst travelling around Mexico, I noticed someone selling stickers of my favourite place (chacahua, Mexico) and I thought I should give it a go too. Within the first day I sold out all of my travel poster and sticker of Chacahua, which paid for a couple nights in a hammock and breakfast. Since then I have been been drawing every place I have visited and liked.

Here I offer two different options, depending on the level of detail you would like, as some prefer a more minimal style travel poster, whilst others prefer a busier scene. The choice is up to you!




Unique to you

You can have your favourite place Illustrated on a retro style travel poster, This example on the right was a commission for a surfer who lived in Todos Santos, She remembered the fish taco stands, her orange VW van, and the various hat stands that filled the streets.

When I create these posters, I ask for your specific memories of that place, so I can make it unique to you.

Todos Santos retro poster-02.png

Take a look through the gallery...

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